bullet.collect (Mar. '11)

 A bullet hell anti-shooter?


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Gravity Assist (Mar. '10)

 Kill aliens, defy the laws of gravity, and rescue space lepers. A simple demo of sorts for a full game that I may make someday.

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De Toren (May '09)

 A puzzle-platformer. Climb the tower, uncover the mystery.

These people had nice things to say about De Toren:

Indie Games Blog (named 10th best freeware arcade game of 2009)

Hrej (Czech)

Indie Vault (Italian)

Plné hry (Czech)

HerníSvět (Czech)

*I recommend Google for translating foreign language reviews


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Lightmare (Nov. '08)

A platformer which seeks to make a game strictly around the genre's building blocks of timing and positioning. Stars a vampire.

These people had nice things to say about Lightmare:


Bytejacker (Free Indie Rapid Fire, 11/24/08)

Crie-Jogos (Portuguese)

Indie Vault (Italian)

Tiny Cartridge

Jay is Games

Retro Remakes


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Consumer CULTure (Oct. '08)

Robotron without the guns, but with a satirical middle finger to consumerism and commercialism.


These people had nice things to say about Consumer CULTure:

Indie Games Blog

Auntie Pixelante

Retro Remakes

Rock, Paper, Shotgun


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The Last Ace (Jul. '08)

Remember when you didn't have to be a coked-up maniac to play shooters? The Last Ace is a laid back horizontal shooter with a unique scoring mechanic and aspect ratio.

These people had nice things to say about The Last Ace:

Retro Remakes (old site went down)

Play This Thing!


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